Saleh Al Kayyali from Etisalat, said that Casengine has made a huge difference in Etisalat’s Legal department, he stated the following “I now have all the cases with the dates, assignments, tasks, reporting in one place, one now knows exactly what work do we have and when is it due.” He is said “Between Casengine and I, there is a special link by heart. I consider myself a partner not a client.” It is true, Saleh and Etisalat have been with us hand in hand from the beginning, they are also part of the “Innovation Committee” which is committee accompanied with a team of experts in Research and Development. The Committee will be formed with the esteemed presence of some of our most valuable clients who has been contributing towards Casengine. We know that they are a big reason of how we reached where we are today in terms of the features we offer. Saleh chose Reporting as his favorite feature, as generating reports on a case that has been going on for years is a redundant process, do it now instantly with few steps and a click of a button! Our portal generates reports in both languages, depending on the entry of the information. There is a compiled customizable comprehensive drop-down menu with a lot of options to choose from regarding generating reports.