Omar Al Heloo from Hadef and Partners said that one of the most significant features of Casengine is email notification, which is the automated notifications system that we have embedded in our system that sends emails to every registered user for any case-based actions and updates. There is email notifications for workflow, client-based updates, auto reminders on tasks and approaching deadlines, as well as numerous other tasks. 

He stated, “In addition to the regular updates and auto-reminders on tasks to be completed sent from the portal to the user’s email, which I found to be very useful and helpful in the overall process of following up on the works.” 

“There is also an option of extracting the project’s / case’s ID number and attaching it in the subject of the email, after then all the email correspondents containing the ID in its subject will be automatically added to the related case/ project in the system. Hence, there isn’t the need for copying emails and attaching it to the client’s folders,” said Omar.  

Moreover, Al Heloo stated that Casengine has managed the whole work in a way where the overall workflow of Hadef has been way more organized. He specifically highlighted how much Hadef has benefited from the Workflow Automation, which is how our portal is systemized to automatically update itself whenever someone in the organization has finished their task. Meaning, that the system will handle the flow of the work by automatically giving tasks chronologically one after the other, with no need for any manual interaction or notification between team members/employees. Hadef’s office is now in the form of a dashboard with all the cases, employees and tasks completed /to be completed.