World Health Day 2021 – The Effect of COVID-19 On Legal Practitioners


April 7th marks World Health Day to increase awareness regarding mental and physical health, and this year we focus on the increased stress and anxiety level that lawyers are currently facing, particularly after the pandemic hit us.


Many legal practitioners experience work related stress caused by the load of work met in most of the cases. The pressure to meet deadlines, keeping up with the communication between clients and colleagues, following cases and handling additional work has indeed taken a toll on the health of experts in the legal industry.


With the ongoing pandemic, the health of the legal practitioners has worsened and the situation is now in a fragile state. According to the LexisNexis Bellwether Report 2020, which revealed that COVID-19 has had a serious impact on the morale and wellbeing of lawyers, stated that stress levels had also increased for 45% of lawyers, with a similar proportion complaining of worsening work morale and wellbeing.


We, at Casengine, believe that this type of stress is avoidable. By using the right tool that stands by your side to organize, automate workload, ease communication, and never miss a deadline; you eliminate a bulk of work-related stress. We aim to leverage good wellbeing and promote stress-free work situations for legal practitioners – both who prefer remote working or working from office.


Casengine exists to make legal practitioners’ life easier by taking off all the extra load off the shoulders and allowing them to focus solely on legal work. Let us help you handle your workload and encourage you to excel in what you do best.