World Environment Day 2021 – Casengine Staying In-Line with Dubai Government’s Paperless Strategy


June 5th marks World Environment Day!! In an effort to encourage awareness and actions for the protection of the environment and following the Dubai Government Paperless Strategy, we are committed to our share in the responsibility of building a paperless future.

As industries race to cope with the paperless initiative in the UAE, legal industry should not stand behind. Traditionally, the legal industry was reputed of using large amounts of papers. Best example of that is the traditional mindset of printing emails, in the course of carrying out the legal services, then hiring man power to store those printed emails and securing storage for safe keeping, resulting in excessive cost to any law firm or legal department.

In order to implement the paper less strategy, ease up the workload of legal practitioners, and enhance efficiency, we created a cloud-based/ on premise legal automation system to be used by law firms and in-house legal departments. Our digital solution Casengine empowers lawyers to take control of their work in real-time, and with a massive capacity of documents and files storing.

Casengine has helped the legal industry move forward with the use of workflow automation through a well-designed digital platform that requires no papers. This especially was realized by legal practitioners during the pandemic as lawyers were working from home and did not have access to all the physical files. Being a bilingual and fully-automated cloud-based/on premise system, Casengine helps lawyers store all the information in a digital space that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

With more and more law firms realizing the benefits of automation systems, we pride ourselves to continually working towards our aim to encourage minimal to no papers usage in the legal industry with the help of Casengine.

Celebrate and be a part of this World Environment Day, go paperless.

Casengine is by your side.