World Creativity and Innovation Day – The Element of Innovation in the Legal Industry


As the demand for technology escalates, law firms and legal institutions gear up to meet the culture changes that develop through the use of LegalTech accordingly. Traditionally, lawyers have been taught to work in a particular type of way that includes heaps of paperwork resulting in an inefficient and unproductive outcome. To eliminate the factor of human error and enhance efficiency and productivity, LegalTech was introduced that has been making its way up on the charts for legal practitioners.

LegalTech has enforced a much-needed change in the workstyle of legal practitioners, particularly post the ongoing pandemic. Technology was the need of the hour that helped industries function as people worked remotely throughout the year. This is where the legal industry faced the first ever innovative element.

Innovation in the legal industry has become a critical element. The format of working has been changing constantly and legal practitioners need to embrace the current culture of innovation through the use of LegalTech. This will help legal institutions function outside the physical offices’ norm, and deliver legal service through a variety of ways in the future by preparing them for any work situation that arises.

Our Contribution: 

In order to promote innovation in the legal industry, we encourage legal practitioners to use Casengine and join us to in the innovation culture by providing valuable feedback and suggestions. Our automation system is designed creatively, with the aim to deliver innovative solutions to legal practitioners. 

We are here to help legal practitioners feel at ease and remain up-to-date with technology through Casengine. 

Through Casengine, we opened a gateway of opportunities for users to come-up with innovative and creative ideas to be implemented in our system that helps in the evolution of the industry overall. The reason behind this is to push the legal industry to excel at the current stage of development, and take it to the next level of digitization altogether, which will make the industry ready to scale further and develop through the usage of future technologies such as AI and ML. This means that Casengine is paving way for future technologies by providing the legal industry with the essential tools needed today. 

Additionally, we at Casengine have formed a dedicated Innovation Committee as part of our research and development department. This informs us of the latest LegalTech trends and includes expertise talks from the industry professionals that helps us improvise and contribute more to the culture of innovation.