Track your case details and stay up-to-date with our detailed reports


LegalTech has emerged to be the most useful tool in the legal industry. With the uprise and increasing demand of legal practice management software and automation systems, legal practitioners are relieved with the offload of the administrative, everyday tasks, helping them achieve their bigger legal goals and tasks.

One of the many advantages that a specialized legal case management software provides is generation of case report; after long hours of working on a specific case, a legal practitioner will not need to go back and prepare a manual report of all the time and effort spent on that case, the report will be generated automatically by the system.

With Casengine, lawyers and legal practitioners can generate detailed reports on Active cases, making it easier for them to track the details and follow any updates that come their way.

Not only this, but Casengine’s detailed reports feature helps lawyers track the amount of working time spent working on a particular case to evaluate productivity.

Reports also help with the billing process, as the showcased details provides an overview of time spent and work done.  Billing department reports will send notification of pending payment along with identification of urgent due payments.

With Casengine, lawyers can track progress and monitor any changes easily with one single click! Save your time and get more productive with the help of our reports feature.