The importance of digital marketing and tech tools for law firms


It is a digital era and industries have recognized the importance of digitally marketing in order to expand businesses. This is especially mandatory in today’s world when you are constantly trying to attract clients at a global reach and in lower costs. 


The legal industry, in this case, is no different. Digital marketing is extremely important in today’s fast paced digital world to generate more traffic and leads and reach potential clients more widely. The term ‘social law firm’ spiked up during the 2020 pandemic when the legal industry witnessed more content creation and online presence in order to market law firms on digital social platforms.  

As per the study conducted by internet marketing consulting firm Good2BSocial, it is reported that in the year 2020, approximately 200 law firms participated in social media events and activities, and actively developed strategies across multiple social media platforms. The study also reveals that law firms have become more innovative ever since the pandemic, making use of interactive content and videos to engage new audiences.   

Law firms are actively social on platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, with almost 80% of law firms leveraging webinars, 38% of law firms generating podcasts, and 42% of firms having an Instagram account, as per the study report. This is just the beginning of the term ‘social law firm’.  

While social media platforms help law firms have a social presence in this digitally competitive race, what truly is important is to have a compelling digital marketing strategy that will help you reach your goals. Today, we list down 5 main components of digital marketing as a guide for your law firm: 

  • Web design and development 

Website is mandatory for law firms as this builds a brand and reputation for your firm. In the legal world, since so much business mostly comes from local clients, a strong website will provide them with basic information about your law firm’s history, the services you provide and your contact information.  

  • SEO 

Search Engine Optimization is the most important tool for digital marketing. SEO will help law firms become visible in the search engine through optimizing each element present in your website and other content. SEO will also help your business grow with the right strategy and strong social campaigns.  

  • Social media marketing 

It’s a social media world and you can conquer it by generating industry-specific content to attract audiences. Social media has proven to be extremely successful in terms of word-of-mouth advertising. This is because almost everyone is active on social media including your potential clients, which means you need to build a professional profile on social media platforms.  

  • Content marketing 

Content has always been called king and we understand why. Content marketing marks the success of social media campaigns. Publishing of unique, high-quality informative articles, web pages and blogs pushes engagement and interaction from audiences. Blogs are essential as well that act as your law firm’s PR platform, helping you connect with more potential clients who have legal requirements. Content marketing also helps in brand recognition.  

  • Advertising  

Effective branding through digital advertisements is crucial for law firms in today’s world. Google paid ads such as pay-per-click [PPC] ad campaigns help your law firm to appear on top of Google searching, instantly grabbing attention of people who are in search of legal services and an attorney. On social media, advertisements act as digital billboards for your law firm. 

What you can do for your law firm: 

  • Content Driven Campaigns 

This is one of the most initial and effective digital marketing tactics that helps boost organic inbound leads with higher conversion rate. 

  • SEO and SMO 

Paid-per-click campaigns to help increase reach and drive traffic.  

  • Sales Pipeline 

A professional CRM is critical to help your firm profile prospect clients, understand their needs and prioritize your leads as per the requirements and target. This also helps in client intake, client scheduling and follow-up, revenue tracking and much more. 


  • Word of Mouth 

Referrals from satisfied clients remains one of the most successful strategies to get almost converted clients. 


These basic but extremely important digital marketing tactics will help you build a strong digital strategy for your law firm to stay ahead of your competition. It is vital for your law firm’s legal practitioners to digitize their law and legal practice on the online map for clients to find you in an easier and more efficient manner.