Fahad Al Barbaa from FMB Law firm, said that the emails sent and the reports generated on the user usage; has assisted a lot in the overall employee assessment. Since Casengine was built by a team of experts that know exactly the Lawyer’s needs, they have built a feature called “reporting” which is reports generated instantly with few steps and a click of a button! Our portal generates reports in both languages, depending on the entry of the information. There is a compiled customizable comprehensive drop-down menu with a lot of options to choose from regarding generating different kind of reports. He also stated that the change is evident; everything is way more organized. He said that they worked on google drive before and it was not sufficient at all, it didn’t have the details of the clients or the cases and that Casengine made their work easier as it gives them a report on the work flow, the tasks to be done and the overall works.