Manage your tasks and improve productivity with our specialized Legal Task Management Software


Long gone are the days when legal practitioners would be stuck with the traditional way of practicing law. Imagine being surrounded by heap of paperwork, printed emails and attending tons of meetings, going back and forth to your team for communication.

Fortunately, the evolution of LegalTech has revealed and resolved many seen and hidden issues legal practitioners used to face in the past. We understand the challenges lawyers and legal practitioners face on a daily basis.

In order to execute tasks without the undergoing the risk of missing out on a deadline or not being updated with an activity, it is extremely important for law firms to implement a specialized legal task management software.

Now, picture this! The entire traditional and manual process of creating, follow-up and tracking a case does not include any kind of paperwork. Instead, all the confidential and legal information is stored in a secured, digital storage that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Additionally, the process also gets easier, simplified and in a short period of time – all thanks to LegalTech.

Automation systems are being rapidly recognized by industries all over the world, and this also includes the legal industry where lawyers and legal practitioners are being constantly introduced to the benefits of LegalTech for their day-to-day tasks.

Nowadays, with the help of automation and legal practice management systems, law firms as well as legal departments can maximize productivity and gain revenue drastically, which is exactly why we created Casengine. Our specialized bilingual law firm software is the ideal legal task management software that we designed as a digital solution for the legal industry.

LegalTech and automation systems have eased up the workload of lawyers and legal practitioners by automating and digitizing the mundane, routine and boring administrative tasks, allowing legal practitioners to focus on the more valuable, legal work assigned.

From reminders of daily tasks, to follow-ups and a detailed list of tasks assigned – we help you distribute your work load with our bilingual legal automation system. Task automation also positively impacts communication by making it efficient, along with increasing productivity and focus, improving the ability to meet deadlines, as well as inspiring lawyers and legal practitioners to get know their clients’ needs and requirements on a wider level.

Our professional workflow automation system for law firms and legal departments is an on-premise and cloud-based legal practice management system with an automated workflow. This automation helps in efficiency and reduces some of the less value-add tasks and costs associated with them. As a result, law firms are able to meet the external pressure to deliver more with less, to showcase their skills and value and to stay ahead in a competitive, modern world.

Our legal task management software is created to help law firms reach their goals and rise in the competitive legal industry, meeting the ever-increasing demands of clients.