Important Tasks That Need to Be Automated by a Legal Task Management Software


Task automation has been high in demand ever since LegalTech has taken over the industries. Lawyers and legal practitioners no more have to print emails, spend hours on an administrative task and do not have to worry about missing an important update or a deadline.  

A specialized legal task management software such as Casengine automates and transforms your legal workflow, spending hours of your time and empowering you to focus more on the bigger picture tasks such as legal, strategy, innovation, and more. 


Today, we discuss 5 main and important tasks that need to be automated for the ease of lawyers in law firms: 

  1. Scheduling meetings and appointments: 

 Scheduling meetings has always been a hassle for lawyers, especially if they are still stuck with the traditional way of practicing law. With a legal task management software, lawyers are able to schedule, update and follow-up on meetings easily, without the pressure of being available at their office desks, all thanks to the notifications and reminders that the system will generate in a timely manner. 

2. Time tracking, billing and invoicing: 

With advanced features and numerous benefits, our legal billing software allows legal practitioners to time- record accurate and customizable invoices, converting a time-consuming task to be completed in just a few minutes. Casengine’s full-featured billing workflow allows for a faster and more efficient billing process to make sure lawyers get paid in time.   

3. Contract management: 

With the help of a specialized legal task management software, one of the most crucial tasks that need to be automated for lawyers is contract management. This process improves and pushes for an easy flow of contract process from one step to the next. This will help cut down costs, increase accessibility, along with providing better security and stronger compliance.


4. Document Creation: 

Lawyers no longer need to spend time inputting data into the same documents each time they are given a document creation task. Let a specialized document creation software handle this for you! With this, lawyers are able to store and create templates for the commonly used documents such as questionnaires, engagement letters, and more. 

5. Client Intake: 

Telephone calls have been a traditional medium of communication for lawyers. In the current digital era, lawyers use an automation software to use online questionnaires, web forms and chatbots in order to obtain the information they need from a client. Automation systems will gather all the necessary information from the client for you so that they are free from the telephone calls and in-person meetings for such basic requirements.