Here’s how you can announce the launch of your new law firm


After years of hard work and dedication, you have finally started your own law firm. What you need now is getting your word out there and letting people and your future clients know that you are in business. You now require proper strategy and tools to announce the launch of it by creating the much-needed buzz, and making sure that your announcement aligns with your existing law firm marketing campaign.

Seems complicated? It’s not. We are here to help you out step-by-step making it easy for you to handle your success.

The most important point to note is to create a multi-pronged strategy of formal and informal approaches for the announcement of your new firm. You also need to think of a strategy that would help you reach out to a vast majority of potential clients and audiences. 

All this will take place strategically as you keep in mind that the main goal of your announcement is to attract business and clients to your new law firm. It is also smart to let your existing clients know about your new law firm, along with making potential clients aware of the law firm’s existence.

The following list of strategies will help you get an idea:

  • Creating a press release

This is one of the most traditional and formal ways of announcing the launch of your new law firm, but it surely delivers results. If done strategically, a press release announcing your new law firm can help reach wide and targeted audiences, grab media attention, help establish your brand, and drive traffic to your new law firm’s website.

  • Social Media

It is a digital age and social media has proven to be a valuable and inexpensive tool for lawyers. According to the ABA 2020 Legal Technology Survey Report, about 29% of respondents report getting clients from social media for their business. Social media also proves to be a great channel to promote and increase the reach of your newly launched law firm’s announcement. You may also add your social media icons on the press release that will also help circulate the information around more.

This typically falls under the marketing category. If you can market your brand the right way, things will work out just fine. Some of the marketing points you need to essentially consider include:

Law firm branding: Be clear with your unique-selling proposition and unique messaging, along with using tools like your law firm’s logo and online presence to help convey the point.

Law firm website: Your law firm website will basically be the first thing the client will see when they search out for you, making it mandatory for you to create a strong website. This, topped up with strong SEO, friendly design and effective content along with high-quality images will make your law firm website stand out and create an impactful impression on the visitors. You should be clear about the services that you provide on the website so that the potential clients get an insight, as well as provide your contact numbers precisely.

Legal Directories: Make sure to list your law firm on legal directories available that would make it easier for potential clients to find you. Online legal directories are great marketing tools so make sure you take advantage of it.

Social media channels: In today’s world, a solid social media presence matters a lot make sure to do that on Twitter, LinkedIn as well Facebook.

  • Google Ads

Google ads remain one of the most effective ways to put your brand out there in the market. This includes “Pay Per Click” [PPC] advertising that makes a one-time payment and helps your law firm announcement ad appear in online search results as and when people look for something. PPC ads are targeted, which means only relevant audience gets to see your ad on Google, thus suggesting that the prospects they generate are highly qualified. Additionally, Google ads also help drive traffic to your new law firm website that can be valuable to your business.

Your new law firm deserves the best of the business and whether you create a press release, engage social media or use any other tactics, make sure you strategize it all out in the right manner.