Essential Facts to Check Before Choosing Legal Software for Your Law Firm and Legal Department


The year 2020 stroked upon us the reality of uncertainty and urgency as industries coped up with the pandemic and lockdown situation. As we get back to normalcy, the legal industry has started to realize the importance of LegalTech with the rise of automation and legal practice management systems.

But before choosing a suitable legal practice management software for your law firm and legal department, there are a few basic key points to be noted:

Research – It is always better to conduct prior research and narrow down your options with considerations such as determining how long the company has been into existence, the location of the firm and how it will handle your data – whether data can be migrated on to their cloud system or not. Additionally, keeping an eye on their client list will also be helpful.

What the software offers – Knowing about what the software can offer your law firm and legal department is always a must. It’s recommended to make a list of the features that will be most helpful to your law firm or legal department and to double-check whether the software you are opting for provides those.

Pricing structure – You would thoroughly want to consider the price packages and free structure before choosing a legal software. Whether it is an annual, quarterly or monthly payment, and if the software provider offers discount on a specific number of users are some important points to keep in mind.

Data Security – Law firms/Legal departments also need to see if their data is stored securely. Some parameters can help identify the right measures:

If the firm has their own servers and IT team, they can ask for on prem hosting options which means their data is stored on their servers and managed by their team only. However, it comes with several restrictions like anytime and anywhere access might not be possible and portal can be accessed only on a controlled environment on device but it gives the firm comfort of data storage.

In case external hosting is opted, cloud storage must be preferred like MS Azure or AWS cloud. Firms can ask the vendor about the data encryption on rest which means its securely stored on the cloud.

Accessibility is another critical factor like data can only be accessed after validation of the user’s identity and must be secured by one-time passwords that should come only to the authorized users of that law firm only.

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