Presenting the new version with updated features and enhancements for Casengine

As one of the leading legal software and legal automation system in the UAE and MENA region, we understand your requirements to keep up with the client demand in the growing competitive market of the legal industry. Which is why we keep updating our specialized lawyer software so that you don’t have to worry about keeping your clients satisfied.

Take a look at what’s new with Casengine:


  • Project Automation

Manage projects and stay organized like never before!

Automate your projects by creating and viewing details as well as updates in real-time and on the go. We help you organize, track, and execute work within a project.


  • Follow-up tasks

Manage tasks and stay on-top of your deadlines with notifications and reminders of overdue tasks, that will appear automatically on the dashboard.


  • Reports

Set a maximum duration for which the report can be generated by a single click in the app settings. We help you generate detailed reports of your tasks and track details of your cases.


  • Case status update

Adding document, report, decision or application will not impact the status of the case if the case is of with hearing type.

Start your automation journey with Casengine today and enjoy the benefits.


5 solid reasons why you need a legal case management software for your law firm and legal department

The legal industry has well recognized the importance of technology and automation systems recently, especially after the pandemic. While many law firms and legal departments have already started to implement LegalTech for daily tasks, some firms are still unsure about the capability of a professional legal case management system.

Today, we list down 5 strong reasons why law firms and legal departments today are in a despairing need of a professional legal case management software.

  • Increased productivity – With legal practitioners accessing files with regular and real-time updates, they feel empowered to focus more on legal tasks, instead of spending time on the mundane administrative routine tasks. This, in turn, enhances efficiency and increases productivity, resulting in maximum profits for the firm.
  • Data Security – Data security remains the top concerns for law firms and legal departments worldwide. By investing in a trusted and secure legal case management software, the law firm enjoys the benefits of the legal software along with its security features.
  • Centralization – Even when a legal practitioner completes his task on time, he sometimes has to wait for a reciprocation task or email from another team member, hence delaying the task. With a single, centralized storage, legal practitioners can upload, make changes and exchange emails and other confidential documents and data all together in a single go, without having to wait for someone else.
  • Stronger communication – A professional legal case management software allows employees of a law firm and legal departments to collaboration better and faster, allowing to exchange and retrieve data from a single place, hence enhancing efficiency. Efficient communication with work team means more transparency and productivity within law firms. It also ensures that no information or update is left out.
  • Overall client satisfaction – For legal practitioners, getting their legal work done on time and conveying it accurately to their clients is a massive point for their professional growth. For clients, having received accurate information is vital success. So, in both cases, it’s a win-win situation.

It is extremely crucial for law firms and legal departments to integrate a professional legal software and case management system that will help attorneys and legal practitioners with their everyday tasks. Casengine has been designed specifically for this reason – to automate workflow so that the legal practitioners’ workload becomes easier and they can focus more on the legal work.


Essential Facts to Check Before Choosing Legal Software for Your Law Firm and Legal Department

The year 2020 stroked upon us the reality of uncertainty and urgency as industries coped up with the pandemic and lockdown situation. As we get back to normalcy, the legal industry has started to realize the importance of LegalTech with the rise of automation and legal practice management systems.

But before choosing a suitable legal practice management software for your law firm and legal department, there are a few basic key points to be noted:

Research – It is always better to conduct prior research and narrow down your options with considerations such as determining how long the company has been into existence, the location of the firm and how it will handle your data – whether data can be migrated on to their cloud system or not. Additionally, keeping an eye on their client list will also be helpful.

What the software offers – Knowing about what the software can offer your law firm and legal department is always a must. It’s recommended to make a list of the features that will be most helpful to your law firm or legal department and to double-check whether the software you are opting for provides those.

Pricing structure – You would thoroughly want to consider the price packages and free structure before choosing a legal software. Whether it is an annual, quarterly or monthly payment, and if the software provider offers discount on a specific number of users are some important points to keep in mind.

Data Security – Law firms/Legal departments also need to see if their data is stored securely. Some parameters can help identify the right measures:

If the firm has their own servers and IT team, they can ask for on prem hosting options which means their data is stored on their servers and managed by their team only. However, it comes with several restrictions like anytime and anywhere access might not be possible and portal can be accessed only on a controlled environment on device but it gives the firm comfort of data storage.

In case external hosting is opted, cloud storage must be preferred like MS Azure or AWS cloud. Firms can ask the vendor about the data encryption on rest which means its securely stored on the cloud.

Accessibility is another critical factor like data can only be accessed after validation of the user’s identity and must be secured by one-time passwords that should come only to the authorized users of that law firm only.

Casengine was created in order to provide a digital and automation solution to the legal industry. We realized the need of LegalTech and automation systems after almost 16 years of experience of being in the legal industry, hence designing out very own automation system, which is one of the leading legal software for law firms and legal departments in the UAE and MENA region.

We designed this specialized legal practice management system, keeping in mind the current and future needs of the legal industry. We have equipped Casengine with numerous imperative features such as bilingual, workflow automation, automated emails, notifications and reminders, self-learning, team management and collaboration, smart time sheet, interactive calendar, automated timeline view, finance and billing, and much more.

Additionally, Casengine has been created for implementation by big, medium and small sized firms. Casengine pricing plans vary to suit the needs of law firms and legal institutions, depending on the size of the organization and the way it operates. You are now one step away from enjoying benefits that increase the effectiveness of your law firm. Take your case management to the next level with our light-weight law firm software for as low as $ 19 a month.

We offer a complete solution; an all-in-one bilingual case management software for law firms and legal departments to manage your cases, projects, billing, etc. We provide free set-up and training session to ensure team is set for success. Your teams can now get trained by us without worrying about the additional costs and overhead. Casengine helps you reduce the complexity of your legal practice. Let us handle the pressure & flow of your deadlines.


The impact of LegalTech and automation systems in law firms and legal departments

The legal industry, although known for its slow adoption on trends, has been gratefully welcoming and recognizing the importance and implementation of technology and automation systems for the daily use of lawyers and legal practitioners.

A traditional legal system consists of multiple roles including that of lawyers and technologists, process/project managers, financiers, operation managers, data analytics professionals and paraprofessionals- all who work manually. This states that the traditional methods of practice are time-consuming that also require additional efforts.

It is particularly important for the legal industry to keep up with the technological developments because of the competition and client demand that seeks more efficiency in order to provide improved legal service.

We created Casengine to provide a digital solution to the lawyers and legal practitioners, who can speed up their repetitive work process through workflow automation. According to statistics by Deloitte Legal, the top challenges for corporate legal departments today include reducing and controlling outside legal costs; improving case and contract management; and automating routine tasks and leveraging technology in work processes.

Our bilingual legal practice management system helps in efficiency and reduces some of the less value-add tasks and costs associated with them. As a result, law firms are able to meet the external pressure to deliver more with less, to showcase their skills and value and to stay ahead in a competitive, modern world.

Additionally, Casengine’s exclusive features help law firms and legal departments maximize revenue through enhanced productivity of the employees. Workflow automation, team collaboration, interactive calendar, email notifications and reminders, reports, timesheet and billing are some of the most appreciated and top used features in our system.

Our goal is to automatize the interface of legal industry consumption, making an impact on the practice of law and the administration of justice overall, along with easing the workload off the legal practitioners who can focus more on their legal tasks.


Track your case details and stay up-to-date with our detailed reports

LegalTech has emerged to be the most useful tool in the legal industry. With the uprise and increasing demand of legal practice management software and automation systems, legal practitioners are relieved with the offload of the administrative, everyday tasks, helping them achieve their bigger legal goals and tasks.

One of the many advantages that a specialized legal case management software provides is generation of case report; after long hours of working on a specific case, a legal practitioner will not need to go back and prepare a manual report of all the time and effort spent on that case, the report will be generated automatically by the system.

With Casengine, lawyers and legal practitioners can generate detailed reports on Active cases, making it easier for them to track the details and follow any updates that come their way.

Not only this, but Casengine’s detailed reports feature helps lawyers track the amount of working time spent working on a particular case to evaluate productivity.

Reports also help with the billing process, as the showcased details provides an overview of time spent and work done.  Billing department reports will send notification of pending payment along with identification of urgent due payments.

With Casengine, lawyers can track progress and monitor any changes easily with one single click! Save your time and get more productive with the help of our reports feature.


The Importance of Team Collaboration in The Legal Industry

Communication has been vital throughout history. In industries, ‘team collaboration’ is commonly used to implement communication. The term refers to a practice where employees work closely to achieve a common goal, such as enhancing their work or finding suitable solutions for a given task or project.

In the legal industry, team collaboration has proven to be critical in determining the success of a law firm or an in-house legal department. Effective and continuous communication within an organization itself boosts productivity and ensures success.

In the past, missed communications was a major source of problems within the legal industry. While most of the legal tasks were met, one cannot deny the fact that at times, due to the massive number of employees and the traditional style of practicing law, including paperwork and direct phone calls, there would be a decrease of accuracy and efficiency of communication within a law firm itself.

Fortunately, modern technology has provided a solution to reduce the communication gap. LegalTech has been proven to be a crucial factor in boosting productivity, as well as maximizing profit for law firms.

With current digital solutions such as automation systems, communication with work team in law firms and legal departments has greatly increased. Efficient communication with work team means more transparency and productivity within law firms. It also ensures that no information or update is left out.

With Casengine, our specialized legal digital automation system, legal practitioners can now indulge in stronger communication terms with work team and make sure no important point is being missed out. Our special Team Collaboration feature has been proven to be one of the most impactful features amongst our clients. It has also enabled productivity and transparency to flourish within law firms.

Automating communications through a digital portal results in an organized stream of conversation and project discussion, which is exactly what we offer through Casengine. Go digital with your communication by using Casengine’s Team Collaboration feature!


Legal Workflow Automation – Why it’s Important and How It Helps Legal Practitioners

Workflow Automation, in simple terms, makes complicated processes easier to manage. It refers to technology making use of automation to carry out long, repetitive tasks in a business process. For the legal industry, the importance of automation increased with the widespread use of LegalTech amongst law firms and legal departments.


The use of workflow automation in the legal sector comprises of an abundance of benefits. With too much of confidential information being passed back and forth amongst lawyers and clients, it has become essential to incorporate fully automated practice management systems to help legal practitioners stay organized and over the top of their deadlines, along with securing all the data in a single, centralized system.


Law practice management systems are the current necessity in the legal industry. Law firms and in-house legal departments have initiated digitization in order to keep pace with clients’ demands. Legal practice management software provides workflow automation that empowers legal practitioners take control of their work, allowing them to focus more on the legal tasks instead of the mundane and low-value ones.


From saving time and enhancing efficiency and productivity, legal automation has proven to be extremely beneficial for legal practitioners in departments such as contract review, billing and compliance management, document management and much more. Additionally, some noted benefits also include improved accuracy, greater productivity, enhanced team collaboration and boosted client-service.


With Casengine, our professional case management software designed for law firms and in-house legal departments, all your processes will be automated with a single dashboard, ensuring productivity and solid execution.


With legal workflow automation, Casengine makes legal practitioners’ life easier by taking off all the extra load off the shoulders and allowing them to focus solely on legal work. Let us help you handle your workload and encourage you to excel in what you do best.


World Environment Day 2021 – Casengine Staying In-Line with Dubai Government’s Paperless Strategy

June 5th marks World Environment Day!! In an effort to encourage awareness and actions for the protection of the environment and following the Dubai Government Paperless Strategy, we are committed to our share in the responsibility of building a paperless future.

As industries race to cope with the paperless initiative in the UAE, legal industry should not stand behind. Traditionally, the legal industry was reputed of using large amounts of papers. Best example of that is the traditional mindset of printing emails, in the course of carrying out the legal services, then hiring man power to store those printed emails and securing storage for safe keeping, resulting in excessive cost to any law firm or legal department.

In order to implement the paper less strategy, ease up the workload of legal practitioners, and enhance efficiency, we created a cloud-based/ on premise legal automation system to be used by law firms and in-house legal departments. Our digital solution Casengine empowers lawyers to take control of their work in real-time, and with a massive capacity of documents and files storing.

Casengine has helped the legal industry move forward with the use of workflow automation through a well-designed digital platform that requires no papers. This especially was realized by legal practitioners during the pandemic as lawyers were working from home and did not have access to all the physical files. Being a bilingual and fully-automated cloud-based/on premise system, Casengine helps lawyers store all the information in a digital space that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

With more and more law firms realizing the benefits of automation systems, we pride ourselves to continually working towards our aim to encourage minimal to no papers usage in the legal industry with the help of Casengine.

Celebrate and be a part of this World Environment Day, go paperless.

Casengine is by your side.


Legal Practitioners Seek Flexible Work Arrangements through Case Management Software

Taking a look back, the face of the legal industry has been transformed immensely. In an industry where traditional workstyle dominated for years, there now occur various trendy and upcoming cultures that law firms and in-house legal departments have started to adapt for the betterment of the employees and legal service overall.

One of these cultures include flexible work arrangements. This work preference particularly came into light last year when the pandemic was at its peak and industries practiced work from home and remote working. Now with the legal industry getting back to normalcy and physical, brick-and-mortar offices reopening, lawyers shared their input and preference, voicing out on being given the opportunity of flexible work arrangements in law firms.

Flexible working is also increasingly vivid due to the technology advancements and changing attitudes of legal practitioners and employers. Flexible workplace arrangements have been proven to be massively beneficial for lawyers leading to greater productivity, better mental wellbeing and a compelling strategy for the work-life balance.

This sort of work arrangements varies from flexible number of hours for the employees, flexibility in the pattern of work as well as the location. This suggests that lawyers are able to choose the start and end timing of their work, weather they prefer working in shifts, part-time or staggered return to work, and also the location of their work.

With their preferred time, pattern and location of work, legal practitioners feel empowered and trusted by their employers, resulting in improved concentration and an upgraded legal service delivery for their clients. This helps in the reduction of the overall employee turnover. Additionally, apart from greater productivity and happier employees, a flexible working system also helps law firms and in-house legal departments to reduce operating costs.

According to a survey by Lexis Nexis, over 50% of employees in the legal industry feel that flexible working helps them achieve a better work-life balance. Provided employees guarantee well-managed work as per their commitments and clients’ expectations.

Following this, a number of worldwide reputed law firms have implemented flexible work arrangements. These include Baker McKenzie, Charles Russel Speechlys, Dentons and many more.

LegalTech, particularly in this scenario, plays a massively crucial role. It is absolutely mandatory to keep in mind that in order to implement schemes such as remote working or flexible work arrangements, law firms and in-house legal departments must adopt a professional legal practice management software for the employees to practice flexible working.

This is where Casengine meets all your law firm and legal department requirements. Whether your employees choose to work from office, or go for flexible work arrangements or remote work – Casengine is your guaranteed digital solution.

Our legal practice management software promotes digitization and eases communication between work colleagues no matter where you are working from, offers data security and empowers legal practitioners to work in real-time, not worrying about missing anything even when not present in the office. Casengine helps law firms and in-house legal departments step into the world of automation and digitization, offering various features that have been proven successful for employees working from an office or practicing flexible work arrangements. So, no matter what work pattern you choose, Casengine is by your side at all times!


World Creativity and Innovation Day – The Element of Innovation in the Legal Industry

As the demand for technology escalates, law firms and legal institutions gear up to meet the culture changes that develop through the use of LegalTech accordingly. Traditionally, lawyers have been taught to work in a particular type of way that includes heaps of paperwork resulting in an inefficient and unproductive outcome. To eliminate the factor of human error and enhance efficiency and productivity, LegalTech was introduced that has been making its way up on the charts for legal practitioners.

LegalTech has enforced a much-needed change in the workstyle of legal practitioners, particularly post the ongoing pandemic. Technology was the need of the hour that helped industries function as people worked remotely throughout the year. This is where the legal industry faced the first ever innovative element.

Innovation in the legal industry has become a critical element. The format of working has been changing constantly and legal practitioners need to embrace the current culture of innovation through the use of LegalTech. This will help legal institutions function outside the physical offices’ norm, and deliver legal service through a variety of ways in the future by preparing them for any work situation that arises.

Our Contribution: 

In order to promote innovation in the legal industry, we encourage legal practitioners to use Casengine and join us to in the innovation culture by providing valuable feedback and suggestions. Our automation system is designed creatively, with the aim to deliver innovative solutions to legal practitioners. 

We are here to help legal practitioners feel at ease and remain up-to-date with technology through Casengine. 

Through Casengine, we opened a gateway of opportunities for users to come-up with innovative and creative ideas to be implemented in our system that helps in the evolution of the industry overall. The reason behind this is to push the legal industry to excel at the current stage of development, and take it to the next level of digitization altogether, which will make the industry ready to scale further and develop through the usage of future technologies such as AI and ML. This means that Casengine is paving way for future technologies by providing the legal industry with the essential tools needed today. 

Additionally, we at Casengine have formed a dedicated Innovation Committee as part of our research and development department. This informs us of the latest LegalTech trends and includes expertise talks from the industry professionals that helps us improvise and contribute more to the culture of innovation.