63% of Lawyers Reveal their Preference for ‘Work from Office’ as Industry Gets Back to Normalcy

Remote Working

Almost after a year since the pandemic hit us, employees all around the world are still adjusting to the change between working from home and going back to the office. The legal industry has not been immune to this as well.


In an era of virtual law firms and where remote working is particularly fashionable and trendy, legal practitioners in the UAE are now back in the office, working full-time as per the schedule, which raises the question if they actually prefer working this way.


Our recent social media survey asked the audience how about their preference in relation to the legal work. In a poll question that was directed towards legal practitioners, we asked whether lawyers and legal practitioners preferred remote working or working from a physical office. The results we received were quite startling.


The response was enormous where we welcomed over 850 votes, with almost 63% of legal practitioners voting for work from office, while the rest 37% preferred remote working to carry out their legal services.


Additionally, although we hadn’t given the option of hybrid/flexible work schedule in the poll options, a large number of the audience poured in their comments suggesting a hybrid work situation somewhere between remote working and working from a physical office; legal practitioners stressed on the importance of flexible work arrangements.


With majority of votes in favour of working from office, it is safe to convey the fact that this option promises numerous advantages. With enhanced productivity, and no compromise on creativity and innovation, legal practitioners can enjoy socializing and networking with clients and colleagues in the office along with focusing on their tasks. Technical support also remains a powerful, influencing factor.


However, the question here remains if lawyers have the luxury of concentrating on the actual legal tasks in the office instead of the routine, administrative ones? This is where LegalTech comes in as a savior.


In the current age of digitization, advances in LegalTech have enabled lawyers to work easily without any hassle of traditional heaps of papers. Which is why automation systems have been proven the best possible solutions to law firms, where legal practitioners face a tough time, spending hours handling the routine tasks as well their designated legal tasks.


Keeping such concerns in mind, we developed Casengine software – a system that is tailored to your needs. Casengine helps law firms and in-house legal departments improve productivity by empowering lawyers to dedicate their time to the work they are passionate about – legal work and services.


A hassle-free, up-to-date system is what the industry needs in order to reduce the complexity and unpredictability of the legal work, helping in greater productivity of legal practitioners as they start work from physical offices once again.